GreenTEC Pro Carbon - Green High Performance

Our Vision was to create an affordable material that combines the best of two worlds - our biodegradable filament GreenTEC Pro, made from sustainable resources, and the strength of high-performance, black magic carbon fibers. Used for various applications in motorsports, aerospace or medical, carbon is in many cases the best solution. It’s lightweight, resistant to high temperatures and creates a much higher stiffness if added to polymers material.

Finding the perfect formula for this unique material took plenty of time, but after spending hours and hours in our R&D test center lead to our desired results.

GreenTEC Pro Carbon fulfills the need of a high performance, but green material, sustaining the manifold possibilities rising with the new technology of additive manufacturing.

Showcase: Prothesis

However, lightweight, complex design, individuality, high performance be associated with bionical needs, which are needed at the prostheses industry.

These device can help you to perform daily activities such as walking, eating, or dressing independently and comfortably. Some artificial limbs let you function nearly as well as before.

Because technology has improved so much in the last decades, much more functional and comfortable prostheses are available. Highly motivated and otherwise healthy people with a prosthesis can accomplish many extraordinary feats. For example, some go skydiving, climb mountains, run marathons, complete triathlons, participate fully in sports, or return to demanding jobs or to active duty in the military. They are living life without limitations. And whether a person uses a prosthesis only for activities at home or for a marathon, the prosthesis can provide profound psychologic benefits.

Additive Manufacturing allows us to create magnificent, unique and complex designs for artificial limb under very low costs and local production, which reduces the CO2 and waste impact. Thereby, we hope to give people an additional perspective and take their lives into their own strong hands.