GreenTEC comes from our BIO Performance range and has been specially developed for high performance applications. The material has a heat resistance of 115°C (VST) and is optimised for high tensile and flexural strength. The material offers a high-quality matte feel.

GreenTEC is the ecologically harmless alternative to common industrial materials, consisting of 100 % renewable raw materials and biodegradable according to DIN EN ISO 14855. In addition, the raw material is approved for usage with food (FDA).

  • Heat resistance up to 115°C
  • Good tensile and bending strength
  • Low Warping
  • High stability
  • Smell-free
  • Biodegradable
  • Made from 100 % renewable raw materials
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Material Information

Values according to ISO 527

Values according to ISO 527

Values according to ISO 306

Material Properties

Maximum stress
Maximum stress
Elongation at break
Elongation at break
High temperature resistant
High temperature resistant
up to 115°C
Ease of printing
Ease of printing
slightly advanced
Visual Quality
Visual Quality
beautiful matte surface with reduced layer visibility
Layer adhesion
Layer adhesion
very good
Impact resistant
Impact resistant



GreenTEC was launched by Extrudr in 2016 in an initiative for ecologically harmless filaments. The aim was to develop a biodegradable high-performance filament that can withstand mechanical influences similar to oil plastics, e.g. ABS. It should be usable for technical applications without any problems but should be made from biologically safe substances. In addition, the odor loads should also be reduced to allow users to have a pleasant printing experience.


Extrudr GreenTEC is made of a high-performance bioplastic. Due to the organic origin of this material, the GreenTEC is a perfect alternative to ordinary oil-based plastics.


GreenTEC is very easy to print, similar to PLA or PETG. No special prior knowledge is required, which is why even beginners can cope well with the material. The countless advantages over the more difficult to print ABS and the organic origin of the material enables it to be used in almost every project.

Technical data

GreenTEC is a very heat-resistant material with better properties than conventional oil plastics. Due to the slight flexibility of the material, it is well equipped against external impacts. The material can also withstand mechanical and thermal loads.

GreenTEC is well able to keep up with conventional oil plastics due to its high thermal and mechanical load capacity and is known as an all-round material due to its simple processing.


Due to its excellent mechanical properties, the GreenTEC can be used in a wide range of areas. Even in contact with food, the material is safe due to FDA certification. At the same time, it can shine in industrial applications.

Areas of Use

Industrial high performance application, biological environments, allround material

Wide color range
FDA compliant
RoHS compliant
Reach compliant


The Extrudr GreenTEC is used for prototype development and for small special applications in the field of Formula Student sports. This allows carbon parts to be easily designed, printed and encased in carbon fibers. Chemical solutions or heat make it easy to release the filament so only the carbon remains.

For example, the racing steering wheels are developed with CAD programs, tested and manufactured with the help of the GreenTEC.

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