3D printing for water sports

With a 3D printer, filament and some ingenuity, anything is possible. In keeping with the summer season, we present two excellent use cases of 3D printing for water sports.


Little space on the boat - no problem

A passionate hobbyist captain with an idea and many hours of development are the basis for POP FENDER.

"Space is, without a doubt, a huge issue on boats. As a passionate captain, confronted with this problem, I thought, there must be a solution for this in the future."

Ramis Demir

Particularly the fenders, which are to be stowed during the trip, caught Ramis' attention. In order to make the best use of the space on the boat, a fender was created that can be telescoped on both sides and reduced from 62 cm to 25 cm. Our Extrudr FLEX Semisoft with a shore hardness of A85 was used for this, as the material has to withstand high mechanical loads and pressure. Due to the high demand, the POP FENDERs are now produced by injection moulding. A further size of the POP FENDER is planned, for which 3D printing technology with Extrudr filaments will also be used for prototype construction.


Water sports for everyone

A second showcase example from water sports is the project of Heiko Kröger (former Paralympics gold medallist and world champion in sailing). With his association Sail United, he offers water sports activities for everyone. Stand-up paddling, sailing, canoeing as well as kite- and windsurfing are offered for people with and without disabilities. Heiko is not only a role model for many in sailing, he also inspires people with his innovative ideas in the field of 3D printing.

The focus is on various aids that make practising the sport easier. Parts such as deflection pulleys, clamps for ropes and stretchers can now be printed easily and quickly using the 3D printer. In the past, these parts were elaborately produced using other manufacturing processes as they were not available on the market.

"When I draw and print something, there is always a concrete application behind it. It's all about the end product for me. "

Heiko Kröger

For use on the water, resistance to salt water and UV radiation is particularly important. That is why Extrudr ASA and TPU are used. GreenTEC Pro convinced Heiko because of the easy printability and very good mechanical properties. We were happy to support this social project with a sponsoring of our filaments.