Graded Structures, ETH Zürich, 2015

In order to be able to provide high quality filament, we constantly strive to further improve our products using state of the art technologies and manufacturing processes. We are currently supporting Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zürich with new 3D printing materials optimized for robotic spatial extrusion.

"During this semester, the students will explore the architectural potentials of robotic extrusion of spatial mesh structures. Typically, structures are assembled from discrete elements, such as, for example, concrete beams or timber members. With the bespoke robotic fabrication process at hand, however, we will foster the potential of the continuous extrusion of filaments to design and fabricate spatially graded structures.


These are characterized by the gradual variation in composition and structure compared to their volume, corresponding to specific material and structural requirements. Through computational design, simulation and robotic fabrication we will investigate a range of different typologies and their potential in the aggregation of larger structures. As such, the students will learn how to generate and articulate geometrically complex designs through robotic programming, and their translation into physical prototypes."

Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zürich


Collaborators: David Jenny (Projektleitung), Stefan Caranovic 
Students: Apostolinas Apostolos, Sandrine Badoux, Brigitte Clements, Natalia Daukszewicz, Victoria Farzaneh Vinta Fard, Aurèle Gheyselinck, Linda Hatava, Henrik Ilvesmäki, Nikolai Kuchin, Jing Han Lee, Anna Maragkoudaki, Kiler Marusa, Jonathan Ong, Despoina Pippa, Alfred Pun, Marcelo Rovira Torres, Alana Tam, Stéphane de Weck, Westerhuys Thorben, Christoph Zechmeister 
Sponsor: Extrudr | FD3D GmbH