Expansion of Poduction Capacities

FD3D GmbH stands for sustainability, innovation and internationalisation. The ERDF project is built on these 3 pillars and ensures production capacity for the coming years as well as sustainable growth and international competitiveness at the Austrian location.

In addition, the new production equipment and further automation measures will increase efficiency in the production processes. Another positive aspect of this project is the reduction of supply chain dependencies and the reduction of CO₂ emmisions through the horizontal integration of primary products.

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. More information on IBW/EFRE can be found at efre.gv.at


What started in a garage in 2014 like a typical start-up has grown rapidly over the last few years. In order to keep up with the increased demand, the company moved to Lauterach in 2018. This made it possible to expand the production capacities and the warehouse. In the meantime, even this space has become too scarce. Through the ERDF project to expand production capacities, we want to seize the opportunity and expand the plant park and thus competitiveness.

While the administration as well as the research and development will remain in Lauterach, the production has been moved to Lustenau, where the high-quality extrudr-filament is manufactured with 12 production lines on 3000 m².


New Modern Machinery

The quality of the products and environmental protection are the top priorities of the expansion. The new generation of extrusion equipment not only enables a higher output, but also produces less waste and is therefore more energy-efficient than before. In addition, the lines are equipped with more measuring sensors, which makes a further contribution to quality assurance. 

A plastic mill is also to be used in Lustenau, with which filament waste can be shredded and reused. A large proportion of the waste currently produced can then be fed back into the company's own recycling cycle. 


A look into the future

We are already thinking about tomorrow. In the long term, all competences are to be bundled under one roof again. In 2023, we will begin with the construction of our own company building in Lustenau with a floor space of around 8,000 - 9,000 m². When the building is completed, production, warehousing, shipping, research and development as well as administration will once again be united in one place.