Safe to school thanks to 3D printing

For the safety of our youngest, a project was started by the HTL Braunau.

As an alternative to conventional reflectors, students and teachers at HTL Braunau developed a self-flashing warning triangle for the school bags of primary school pupils so that the children can be seen better, especially in the dark and in fog. In the process, the HTL students were able to apply the entire range of electronic manufacturing and testing technology as well as expand their knowledge of everything from 3D-printed casing to lighting technology. The case was made with the impact-resistant and matt PLA NX2, as the material is ideally suited to the mechanical demands of everyday school life.

Using 3D printing in the classroom, students can visualise elusive theoretical concepts in a fun way while encouraging collaboration. Both make 3D printing technology ideal for school projects like this.

The HTL Braunau was supported by the company Extrudr with PLA NX2 filaments. The material is more UV-resistant than normal PLA and is characterised by its easy handling, which is why the PLA NX2 filaments are particularly suitable for use by beginners. Extrudr enables innovation, revolution and inspiration for both - the makers of today and the makers of tomorrow.


Watch the video:
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