Giveaway Spooky Halloween

Post an image (multiple images or video are also allowed) of your own Halloween-themed 3D print on your Instagram profile between 15th – 30th October 2021, using the hashtag #spookyextrudr

If you have a private profile, share our Halloween post in your story and send us your Halloween print as a private message.



  1. place: 4 filament spools of your choice (up to 1.1 kg) + Extrudr hoodie
  2. place: 3 filament spools of your choice (up to 1.1 kg) + Extrudr hoodie
  3. place: 2 filament spools of your choice (up to 1.1 kg) + Extrudr hoodie

The winners will be chosen from all the entries submitted on 31.10.2021. The winners will be determined by lot. The first lot drawn will be awarded with the 3rd place, followed by the second lot drawn with 2nd place and the third ticket drawn with 1st place.

A cash payment of the prize as well as the assignment of the claim to the prize to third parties is excluded.


Conditions of participation:

All persons who attended full age are eligible to participate in the giveaway. Employees of Extrudr and their relatives are excluded from participation.

One ticket per person will be added to the draw pot. 

The submission of entries for the giveaway closes on 30th October 2021 at 23:59.



Extrudr | FD3D GmbH reserves the right to share the submitted pictures or videos on their profile as a story or post.

By taking part in the giveaway, participants agree that Extrudr may publish the names of the winners on the Extrudr Instagram page. In addition, the winners will be contacted by direct message. If there is no response from the winner within 1 week after the announcement of the prize, the prize will be forfeited.

All collected data will be used exclusively for the giveaway.

Extrudr reserves the right to exclude persons from the giveaway who try to increase the chances of winning by manipulation. This also includes the posting of other people's pictures.

This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Questions regarding the giveaway should be directed to Extrudr. Persons who are not on the picture may not be marked.

Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.