GreenTEC Pro black

Speed: 40-60 mm/s Printing Temperature: 210-230 °C Print Bed Temperature : 20-90 °C RAL Color: RAL9017 black GreenTEC Pro

Diameter Weight Price Amount
1,75 mm 0,8 kg €44.99
- +
2,85 mm 0,8 kg €44.99
- +
1,75 mm 2,5 kg €132.00
- +
2,85 mm 2,5 kg €132.00
- +
1,75 mm 5 kg €264.00
- +
2,85 mm 5 kg €264.00
- +
1,75 mm 10 kg €449.99
- +
2,85 mm 10 kg €449.99
- +
Total 0,00 

Material Properties

GreenTEC Pro

GreenTEC Pro is part of our BIO Performance range and was developed for high-performance applications. The material has excellent flexural strength and very little warping, as well as a high-quality surface.


  • Excellent stability
  • Odor-free, food-safe and FDA approved
  • Biodegradable according to DIN EN ISO 14855
Product properties

Product Information

Maximum Stress

GreenTEC Pro has very good mechanical and thermal stress resistance qualities.

Elongation at Break

GreenTEC Pro is a medium-hard, slightly flexible material that is fairly resistant to impact.

Temperature Resistance

GreenTEC Pro is temperature-resistant up to 160 °C.

Ease of Printing

GreenTEC Pro is suitable for users with little experience. GreenTEC Pro is easier to process than other materials with similar strength and temperature resistance, including PC, ABS and PEEK.

Visual Quality

GreenTEC Pro has very high optical quality. Thanks to its matte surface, layers are only marginally visible.

Layer Adhesion

GreenTEC Pro has excellent layer adhesion. When destroyed, the material breaks across the layers.

Impact Resistance

Thanks to its slight flexibility, GreenTEC Pro withstands external impact well.