GreenTEC Pro Carbon

Speed: 40-60 mm/s Printing Temperature: 225-250 °C Print Bed Temperature : 60-70 °C RAL Color: RAL9017 carbon GreenTEC Pro Carbon

Diameter Weight Price Amount
1,75 mm 0,8 kg €49.99
- +
2,85 mm 0,8 kg €49.99
- +
1,75 mm 2,5 kg €149.99
- +
2,85 mm 2,5 kg €149.99
1,75 mm 5 kg €299.99
Total 0,00 

Material Properties

GreenTEC Pro Carbon

Our Vision was to create an organic material that combines the best of two worlds - our biodegradable filament GreenTEC Pro, made from sustainable resources, and the strength of high-performance carbon fibers. Used for various applications in motorsports, aerospace or medical, carbon is in many cases the best solution. It’s lightweight, resistant to high temperatures and creates a much higher stiffness if added to polymer materials.


  • High Durability
  • Lightweight
  • Temperature Resistant up to 165°C (Vicat VST)
  • UV Resistant like ASA
  • REACH & Rohs
  • Hardened steel nozzle and min. nozzle diameter of 0,5mm is recommended
Product properties

Product Information

Maximum stress

GreenTEC Pro Carbon is reinforced with fibers and therefore offers exceptional mechanical properties.

Breaking Elongation

The carbon fiber creates a very hard and stiff material, ideal for high pressure loads.

High temperature resistant

The fiber load improves the heat resistance (VICAT), but also the HDT value of the material under load.

Ease of printing

Carbon is very abrasive. Therefore we recommend a hardened nozzle. The carbon fiber stabilizes the material and therefore reduces the distortion and stabilizes the plastic snarl during bridging. It is very easy to print.

Visual Quality

Small carbon fibers are at right angles to the printed surface, creating a very nice matte surface and masking layer defects. Therefore the print object looks high class.

Layer adhesion

The challenge was to generate a good layer adhesion under the highest possible carbon load. Through special biological additives, we have achieved this goal. We recommend a printing temperature of approx. 230-240 ° C. The material is printable from about 200 ° C but the layer adhesion suffers significantly. As a first step we recommend to print a "Heattower" to find the ideal settings for your device.

Impact resistant

The fiber load makes the material very durable and therefore the material withstand impacts very well.